• Emergency Repair Method For Hydraulic Hose II
  • Emergency Repair Method For Hydraulic Hose II
    To be following of << Emergency Repair Method For Hydraulic Hose I>>, here QIJUN Industry induce another 2 emergency repair methods for hydraulic hose.
    3.       Bone setting method
    When hydraulic hose broke down by external force (for example, shell fragment puncture or squeeze to broke), by system with over load, rupture hole is big or total broke off, you can choose bone setting method. First clean the broke place and cut off rupture. Then insert steel “bone” made by yourself into hydraulic hose which has been cut off (in an emergency, you can take steel pipe with same external diameter of hydraulic hose as the “bone”). Next step use clips made by yourself to fix hydraulic hose and the “bone” (in an emergency, you can use no. 8 iron wire replace of clips). After clean the well connected hydraulic hose, you can use it again.
    4.       Strypped-down method
    In hydraulic system hydraulic hose fittings are different and some special hydraulic hose does not suitable to adopt adhesive patches method, bundling method or bone setting method, this time, you can choose strypped-down method. Saw off fitting of broke hydraulic hose, find one hydraulic hose with similar pressure-bearing ability and length, also saw off fitting of hydraulic hose found. Melt fitting point of broke hydraulic hose with fitting of new hydraulic hose. Clean well melted hydraulic hose and then you can use it again.
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